How to Create Google Sitemap for WordPress Website. What is an XML Sitemap?

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Creating an XML Sitemap In WordPress website - Website SEO

What is a sitemap? What is the Difference Between XML and HTML Sitemaps?

Sitemaps were introduced way back in the early years of the internet in 1994 and 1995 when it was considered as a necessity to include sitemaps on any website.

A sitemap is a list of all accessible web pages on a website which is available to users and search engine. Lot of various sites, especially the ones owned by the government having a link titled "sitemap". This is just a way to guide people and the search engines about all the accessible pages of the website.

Sitemaps can be categorized into two categories, XML Sitemap and HTML sitemap. The main difference between both of them is that XML is mainly meant for the search engines while HTML sitemap is written for the users of the website.

HTML sitemap:

HTML sitemap is intended for users and provides easy navigation. It tells the users where the Contact Us or About Us pages are located. It is meant for users, but also helps you in boosting your search engine ranking as your website is more user-friendly.

XML sitemap:

XML sitemap is primarily intended for search engines and contains metadata along with the website URLs. It contains all the info including the likes of when a particular URL was last updated.

Why we Need an XML Sitemap

Sitemaps are very useful for new websites blogs and Forums. As most new blogs usually don’t get many backlinks to their individual posts, it becomes harder for search engines to discover all of their posts and pages. Sitemaps allow those websites to help search engines crawl their sites.

Search engines can guess how often your site is updated, which parts of your website are more frequently updated than others, set crawl rate for your site. From a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view sitemaps are extremely important. 

How to Create XML Sitemap With Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Google XML sitemap plugin can used to generate an XML sitemap for your wordpress website to help search engines in crawling your website. This plugin is an easy way of generate a sitemap for a range of search engines like Ask, Google, Yahoo and Bing. The plugin creates sitemaps for all WordPress pages and custom URLs.

Follow the following steps to create XML Sitemap:

  1. Install and activate the Google XML Sitemaps plugin from official WordPress plugin directory.
  2. Once activated, this will automatically generate the sitemap for your website.
  3. To find out your WordPress sitemap URL open the plugin configuration page by clicking on Settings -> XML Sitemap. Here you can change various settings as you want.

How to Submit WordPress XML Sitemap to Search Engines

Submit XML Sitemap to Bing Webmaster

Bing is a search engine you might want to submit your sitemap. you will first need to verify the ownership of your website. During verification process enter your WordPress XML sitemap URL and press Add button.

Submit XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster

Once the XML sitemap is ready, You can submit it to Google search console tool. The first step to submit your sitemap via Google search engine console is to verify yourself as the site owner. Once you verify your ownership, open Google Search Console home page and select your website.

  1. Click on the Crawl and select Sitemaps
  2. Click on Add/Test Sitemap.
  3. Enter your WordPress sitemap URL for example and click Submit button.
  4. Now allow a few days for Google bots to process your submission and crawl your pages.

Sitemaps are very important part of our websites. We hope that by following the steps above, you will be able to generate a sitemap for your WordPress website easily and submit it to search engines like Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster.

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