List of National symbols and National things of Australia - General Knowledge MCQS about Australia

List of National symbols and National things of Australia

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National symbols of Australia

National symbols of Australia are the symbols that are used to represent what is unique about the nation, reflecting different aspects of its cultural life and history.

In the above video I share a list of all National symbols and National things of Australia. Every Australian should know and remember them.

List of all National symbols of Australia:

1) National Flag of Australia

2) National Day of Australia

3) Australian Coat of Arms

4) National Anthem of Australia

5) Royal Anthem of Australia

6) National colours of Australia

7) National floral emblem of Australia

8) National Gemstone of Australia

9) National Animal of Australia

10) National Bird of Australia

11) National Dish of Australia

12) National Musical Instrument of Australia

13) National personification of Australia

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