Muslim Baby Boys name with English and Urdu meanings Starting with English alphabet F

Islamic Baby Boys name with English and Urdu meanings Starts with F

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Muslim Baby Boys name with English and Urdu meanings Starting with F

Muslim Boy Names with their meanings Starts with F. Find Beautiful Boys Name for Muslim baby boy list that starts with English alphabet F. Choose a unique Islamic boy names for your baby boy from the Video.

The purpose of this Video is to help Muslim Parents in choosing names for their newborn baby. It is very important for parents to give a beautiful name with beautiful meanings to their newborn Baby Boy or Baby Girl. Remember that, the Name will be with the Baby through the rest of their Life. 

List of all Islamic Boy names Start with F:

S# Muslim Boy Names With English alphabet F Muslim Boy Names With English alphabet F in Urdu
1 Farooq     فاروق
2 Faizan     فیضان
3 Faisal     فیصل
4 Faheem     فہیم
5 Fakhar     فخر
6 Fahad     فہد
7 Fadi     فادی
8 Faiq     فائق
9 Fakhir     فاخر
10 Faris     فارس
11 Fazil     فاضل
12 Fairoz     فیروز
13 Faiz     فیض
14 Faizullah     فیض الله
15 Faqeeh     فقيه
16 Fakhar ud dawlah    فخردّولہ
17 Fakhar uddin    فخر الدین
18 Farasat     فراست
19 Faraaz     فراز
20 Fardeen     فردین
21 Fareed     فرید
22 Farhan     فرحان
23 Farhad     فرہاد
24 Farhat     فرحت
25 Farhatullah     فرحت اللہ
26 Farjad     فرجد
27 Farman     فرمان
28 Farooq E Azam    فاروق اعظم
29 Farrukh     فرخ
30 Farzan     فرزان
31 Fasahat     فصاحت
32 Faseeh     فصیح
33 Fateen     فطین
34 Fawad     فواد
35 Fawaz     فواز
36 Fiaz     فیاض
37 Fazal     فضل
38 Fida     فدا
39 Firdaus     فردوس

Note:- do not guarantee the accuracy of any listed Baby Boy and Baby Girl name and it's urdu and english meanings. We collected these names with our best efforts. If you find any incorrect name or meanings please report us through our Contact US page. You should consult a local Imam or a Professor for verification before deciding to keep a name for your baby.

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