Muslim Baby Boys name with English and Urdu meanings Starting with English alphabet N

Islamic Baby Boys name with English and Urdu meanings Starts with N

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Muslim Baby Boys name with English and Urdu meanings Starting with N

Muslim Boy Names with their meanings Starts with N. Find Beautiful Boys Name for Muslim baby boy list that starts with English alphabet N. Choose a unique Islamic boy names for your baby boy from the Video.

The purpose of this Video is to help Muslim Parents in choosing names for their newborn baby. It is very important for parents to give a beautiful name with beautiful meanings to their newborn Baby Boy or Baby Girl. Remember that, the Name will be with the Baby through the rest of their Life. 

List of all Islamic Boy names Start with N:

S# Muslim Boy Names With English alphabet N Muslim Boy Names With English alphabet N in urdu
1 Nafasat     نفاست
2 Nafees     نفیس
3 Nabeel     نبیل
4 Nayab     نایاب
5 Noshad     نوشاد
6 Nadeem     ندیم
7 Naseem     نسیم
8 Naseer     نصیر
9 Noor     نور
10 Nooh     نوح
11 Naheed     ناہید
12 Nadi     نادی
13 Nadir     نادر
14 Nafil     نافل
15 Naib      نائب
16 Naif     نائف
17 Naji     ناجی
18 Nasir      ناصر
19 Nazeer     نذیر
20 Nazim     ناظم
21 Naeem     نعیم
22 Nayyer     نییر
23 Najam     نجم
24 Najeeb     نجیب
25 Najmi     نجمی
26 Naqeeb     نقیب
27 Nisar     نثار
28 Naseeb     نصیب
29 Nasrullah     نصرُ الله
30 Nasruddin     نصر الدِّين
31 Nawfal     نوفل
32 Naveed     نوید
33 Nawaf     نواف
34 Nawazish     نوازش
35 Nawab     نواب
36 Nawaz     نواز
37 Nazakat      نزاکت
38 Nazar     نذر
39 Nazim     ناظم
40 Nazish     نازش
41 Niaz     نیاز
42 Nishat     نشاط
43 Nizam     نظام
44 Noman     نعمان
45 Nusrat     نصرت
46 Naaz     ناز
47 Najaf     نجف
48 Naeem ullah    نعیم الله
49 Naseer uddin    نصیرالدِّين
50 Nimatullah    نعمت الله
51 Nur Al Din    نورالدین

Note:- do not guarantee the accuracy of any listed Baby Boy and Baby Girl name and it's urdu and english meanings. We collected these names with our best efforts. If you find any incorrect name or meanings please report us through our Contact US page. You should consult a local Imam or a Professor for verification before deciding to keep a name for your baby.

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