Story of the People of the Cave and the Name of the dog mentioned in Quran?

The People of the Cave and the name of the dog mentioned in Quran?

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Names of the People of the Cave mentioned in Quran.

The name of the seven People of the Cave (اصحاب الکهف‎, Aṣḥaab-al-kahf, People of the Cave): 

  1. Makaslamin - مَكْسَلَمين
  2. Amlikha -  أمليخا
  3. Maratonis - مرطوِنس
  4. Yanyunis -  ينيونس
  5. Sazamunis -  سَازَموِنس
  6. Dawanawanis - دَوَانَوَنِس
  7. Kashfitit - كَشْفيطِط

Name of the Dog mentioned in Quran.

The name of the Dog of Aṣḥaab-al-kahf (People of the Cave) was Qitmeer, he was the hunting dog of one of the people of Cave.

Story of the People of the Cave in the Quran, in Surat "Al-Kahf".

The story of the Companions of the Cave is referred in Surah Al-Kahf (18:9-26) - Al-Quran-al-Kareem. Allah revealed these verses because the people of Makkah challenged Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, with questions that were passed on to them from the Jews of Medina in an effort to test his authenticity.

A king named Daqyanoos ordered the people in his territory Afsus (now a days it called Turkey) to worship the idols. One day one of the disciples of Prophet Isa alayhe salam, visited that city. This man was a Muslim calling to the Religion of Islam. He worked in a public bath. Bath owner liked his work, he put him in charge of all the work to be done.

After some time he met some youngsters in the city. He taught them the knowledge of Oneness of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. He invited them to Islam. They believed in Allâh and converted to Islam. They practiced the Religion and followed its rules.

The story of those youngsters, who was converted to Islam and became devoted to the Religion of Islam and to the worship of Allâh alone, became well known. The king was informed about them and was told, 'Those people left your religion', The king called them to his court and ordered them to leave Islam. He threatened them with killing if they declined. He gave them enough time to think before he would carry out his threat. Then he sent them back to their homes.

After some time King Daqyanoos traveled somewhere out of the City. Those young men decided to take advantage of his departure and they consulted each other about running away to rescue their faith in their Religion. One of them said, 'I know a cave in the mountain. My father used to secure the sheep in it. Let us go there and hide until Allah grants us victory.' They all agreed to that idea.

When they were going towards Cave, a barking dog named 'Qitmeer' followed them. Worried that they non-believers might hear this barking and know of their place, they threw stones at the dog and pushed it away more than once. Every time the dog returned. At the end the dog raised its front paws up to the sky as if making supplication, with the help of Allah. They continued walking until they reached the cave. There they found fruits and water. They ate and drank. Then they lay down to rest.

Few moments later, they felt sleepy. Their heads dropped down and they slept heavily on the floor with their eyes open. Night after day, years passed one after the other and the young men were in slumber; sound asleep. They were prevented from hearing anything.

After Three hundred or Three hundred, nine years of sleep, Allah woke them up and they saw one another and asked “How long have we slept?” Seeing the sun high in the heavens they said, “We have slept for a day or a little more than a day.” Then giving some coins to one of them, said, “Go to the bazaar in such a way that no one recognizes you and bring us some food. If they come to know who we are they will kill us or force us into their religion.” 

When Amlikha, one of the men in the cave who was sent in search of food, reached the city of “Afsus”, he found that it was very different from before. He saw people he had never seen before. They did not follow his language nor could he understand their talk. After the hundreds of years the King Daqyanoos was passed away. A pious Muslim king replaced him. He looked confused and hesitant. Nervousness and agitation appeared in his glances and footsteps. Someone turned around and asked him, 'Are you a stranger to this city, and what are you looking for?'. He said, 'I am not a stranger and I am looking for food to buy. I did not find the place where I used to buy food.'

The man guided him to the owner of the restaurant. Amlikha took his money out and gave it to the seller. The seller wondered, because the money had the picture of King Daqyanoos on it. He thought Amlikha discovered a treasure and that he had a wealth of money in his possession. They took him to the righteous king. The news of Amlikha reached the king before his own arrival. The king was in fact waiting for him eagerly, because he had heard the story of the youngsters from his grandfather. When Amlikha came, the king asked him about his story. So Amlikha told him what happened to him and his friends.

The king was very happy with that and said to his people, 'Allah sent you a sign to show the truth about what you differ.' The king, along with the people of the city walked with Amlikha. When they reached near the cave, Amlikha said, 'I will go inside first so that my friends do not get scared.' He went inside and informed his friends of what happened. He told them that King Daqyanoos passed away and that the present king was a pious Muslim. They were happy and they went outside, greeted the king, then they back into their cave.

Location of the cave and the Duration of stay

The exact location of the cave is not mentioned in the Quran. Most allege that it is in Ephesus, Turkey.

The People of the Cave entered in the cave at the time of Decius (250 AD) and they woke up at the time of Theodosius II (408–450 AD), According to the Islamic scholars, the duration of stay was 300 or 309 years.

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